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Thanks for asking....I’m still hangin’ in. I had 6 months of Lupron after radiation. The hot flashes continue, but reduced in frequency, duration and intensity. I continue to use cannabis to control the flashes. For me, it knocks them out virtually 100%. I only use it during the nighttime because my wife “doesn’t like who I am” when smoking during the day. Which I find ridiculous. Anyway, my original post-treatment PSA test from last July came back at 1.2 or so. I just got another, 6 months later, and I’m at just under 5. I’m a little anxious about what this spike means. I meet with my Uro next week. Otherwise, life goes on for me.

Greetings, all.  Thanx for being here.

Yep.  Another hot flash thread.

So, I'm well on my journey thru PC.  I'm almost 64 and diagnosed in October of 2018 with a PSA of 11. Biopsy showed 3 sectors involved, level Tc1, and a Gleason score of 9. That was later downgraded to a 7 (4+3) after a 2nd look at my pathology slides by U of M. Surgery scared me too much so I opted for radiation and ADT. I got 5 high-intensity radiation treatment, every other day for 10 days (Cyberknife), plus 6 months of Lupron. I'm now about 5 months into my 6 month Lupron treatment. I'll get another PSA test in a few weeks, hopefully getting a happy-dance number.

My most pressing issue is hot flashes. They are about driving me batty.  I get them day and night. I toast up, sweat, and then get major chills. Back and forth, back and forth. My uro prescribed venlaxafine to curb the flashes. It seemed to help for a while, but the flashes now seem worse than ever over the past month or so.

Aside from being just plain irritating, they are seriously getting in the way of a decent night's sleep. Last night, I went to bed a little before midnight and rose about 6:30. I counted 6 hot flashes in that time, each waking me from my sleep. I'd wake to a flash, throw off my covers, then get chilled...and about the time I'm falling back asleeep, here comes another one. Lack of proper sleep carries its own set of negative effects, which I certainly don't need at this point.

I'm no stranger to pot, and I usually smoke a bit before going to bed because it helps me fall asleep fast, which I appreciate. And no flashes for a few hours, at least that I'm aware of. I might just be sleeping thru them.  But come 3am or so, they're back. And I'll have several more before rising.

My question involves whether anyone has gotten relief from the flashes by any combination of medical pot, CBD oil, THC oil, hemp or whatever. I'm not talking about curing PC with it. I rely on my doc's treatment plan for that. I just really need to get out from under these hot flashes. Am also interested in any other homeopathic treatments, vitamin regimens or whatever.

Any suggestions? Thx!

Thanx to all who responded. My situation has evolved...for the better. U of M had a second look at my pathology slides and downgraded my condition from Gleason 9 (4+5) to a Gleason 7 (4+3). That opened up some additional treatment options. Instead of 2 years of Lupron and 45 radiation treatments (5 days/week, 9 weeks), I'm on track for 6 months of Lupron and 5 hi-intensity rad treatments spread over 10 days, using the cyberknife tech.  Sucks a little less.

I just underwent fiducial placement of gold seeds a couple days ago in prep for the simulation (next week). The procedure wasn't terrible, but not without discomfort. Post procedure has been pain free. 

I've been on the Lupron for about a month now. The biggest side effect has been hot flashes. During the day, they come and go quickly.  At night, I get them more frequently.  They usually wake me up, and so I've not been getting good sleep.

Libido basically disappeared. I have no idea at this point whether I could or couldn't respond sexually. I almost don't want to know.

Overall, I still feel fine (beyond the hot flashes). My urine flow seems to have decreased and it takes more effort to empty.

Anyway, that's where I am today. Thanx again for everyone's concern and personal stories.

Thanx to all who've responded. My head is in quite the whrl right now. It helps to hear other's stories.

That said, my range of options seem to be narrowing. I've been judged non-metatsatic by all available measures, but that's today. It won't neccessarily hold for tomorrow.

Last week, the results of a CT scan revealed that I have a bunch of blood clots in my lungs.  I was admitted to the hospital overnight for observation. Tests also revealed a small aortic ulcer. Because I'm now on a blood thinner (eliquis) and will be for the foreseeable future, surgery would seem off the table. Some docs have said the blood thinner issue should be negotiable with surgery, others feel differently and consider me a poor surgery candidate.

I started out leaning toward radiation. Once I learned that hormone therapy is an essential part of that treatment (and its additional side effects), I leaned back toward surgery.  When the clots and whatnot were discovered, I've again shifted back toward radiation/hormone therapy.

I know I need to get treatment started. Like now. Like yesterday. But I'm also now in mourning for loss of function that I haven't even experienced yet.

I guess I've always assumed I would survive this. My Dad had 2 bouts of prostate cancer, starting at age 65 (I'm 63). He got radiation only with the initial diagnosis and hormone therapy only when it reappeared 20 years later. He passed at age 90 of unrelated causes. He died with prostate cancer, not of it.

But I am also very mindful of my Gleason score. I know this is nasty shit and it's not always containable. If I were metastatic, I probably wouldn't be whining about side effects.

Thanx everyone.

Thanx activeguy. I apolgize for the tardy response.

I'm encouraged by your scenario. It helps to hear that someone else had the same fears as me, yet has put their life back together.

I will say that the hormone treatment is documented to have a significant incidence of man boobs. I don't know the rate of incidence, but the Mayo Clinic lists it as a side effect risk worthy of mention.


Thanx again!

Hi all.  Thanks for being here.

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with PC. PSA around 11. T1c grading. Gleason 9 (4+5).

I'm pretty anxious...no good choices. The 2 basic flavors, surgery & radiation, I've begun referring to as Trump & Clinton.

The wild card tho, is hormone therapy.  And is recommended with the radiation.

Talk to me about what hormone therapy really does to a guy.

Everything points to long term (if not permanent) loss of sexual function. Average 10% weight gain. We grow boobs. Bones get weak and could break. Loss of energy. Lose what little hair I have left.

Sounds like a genetically engineered couch potato.

I'm an active guy. Age 63. Very recently retired. I'm in good shape and keep moving. The idea of losing so much physical ground terrifies me.

But surgery scares me. Nerves are delicate structures. That could go all-or-nothing, with no way to know in advance. Urinary incontinence looms.

So, basically I'm flailing right now.  Talk me off the ledge a bit, eh?

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