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    Good Lord, You could not ask for better news ... That is amazing. I am going through a similar situation Stage IV Esophageal Cancer ( except the Folfox 5FU gave me 4 heart attacks in one night so they gave me Taxol instead) However, my results have been nothing but outstanding as well. Mets in Liver and Lymph nodes are gone after 15 treatments and the primary has shrunk quite nicely. I hope very much I can ...

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      I was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer November2nd 2015 and have been recieving chemo (Taxol) with amazing results, The mets in my liver and lymph nodes have disappeared (thank God) However, it wasn't all smooth sailing the first lot of Chemo ( 5FU ) gave me 4 major heart attacks in one night that put the wind up me and I did want to quit there and then. I don't see much in the way of reference or direct corespondence to Ritvir I was wondering if anyone has had this treatment.I am In Australia

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