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    Dr. Banerji doesn't ask for any money.  He treated my husband for two years and I never paid him a dime. 

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    My name is Patty. My husband Russ was dx in January 2005 with GBM. The day our lives changed forever. Russ had resection, radiation, & 15 months Temodar. Then a year or so of complete bliss...no treatment, no tumor. Then it returned and we began the homeopathic Dr Banerji Regimen. The tumor disappeared and we had another 18 months of bliss. It returned again in a diffent area. Russ had surgery and another round of radiation. Two weeks after completing radiation, the tumor returned. After 3 treatments of Avastin, the tumor has shrunk by 50%. And thus we are stuck on the GBM rollercoaster....many ups and many downs. But he is still here and his tenacity and bravery never cease to amaze me. He is my hero. My world has now been changed forever. Another surgery in March 2010. Russ has many deficits, and is now completely different personality wise. I miss him so much, but am grateful at the same time that he is still with me.

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