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    December 01, 2017
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    Bone Cancer, Liver Cancer
    Cancer Diagnosis, Support

    Newly diagnosed (11/2017),and waiting. Evidently it's in/on the bones and even have liver lesions. Doc can't tell the primary source yet but I think she is close. I actually went in to my new primary physician because my leg/hip was sore after I braced myself from falling. I didn't fall. She ran blood tests as she does with all new patients and some liver enzymes were rather high. Had an ultrasound which showed multiple masses on my liver and she mentioned secondary cancer. I was then referred to an oncologist who ordered CT scans. Those showed liver lesions, as well as secondary bone lesions. I had been referred to an orthopedic surgeon about my leg /hip issue.After an MRI he told me to walk very carefully (don't run), to the hospital so I could have surgery (rod in thigh and screw in hip). He also asked if I had a history of cancer as the cause of my grief was a large lesion had created the ability for my leg to be dangling inside my thigh and only being held by tissue which was tearing. So for 2 1/2 months or so I had been working, using a cane when I could and basically making things oh so painful. If there is any news I have stage 4 something in the cancer realm and am waiting to find out the source. My oncologist said at this point she can only recommend palliative care. My journey has just started.

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