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    How about caregivers to Stage 4 RCC? I’d love to chat!

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      Hey there Warrior! I am truly touched and now curious! It looks like many months have gone by since you made this post. How are things now? I hope and pray you’ve found comfort. Please know you are not alone. I am in a frighteningly similar situation. I’d love to tell ya more. I will wait to hear an update. Godspeed

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        I was so happy to read this post! Someone else out there just like me! My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Grade 4 metastatic RCC July 2018. At first I was shell shocked. Next I was overwhelmed by everyone’s quick and wonderful outpouring of care, concern and support. THEN, I blinked during my continual caregiver role and there was NO ONE! No concern or care suddenly... My emotions have been on a roller coaster! ...

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          We strongly believe it has been caused by his previous workplace. He welded hexivalent chromium for many many years. This causes heavy metals poisoning, anyone else out there experience this ? Or something similar?

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