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    Thank you. My husband was also 68 on first diagnosis. I’m flying to the hospital whee he is tomorrow. Hopefully I will receive better news,

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      Hi Sten, I’m happy for you being in remission so long. If I may ask how old are you! It seems the disease is kinder to the young. My husband is now 72 but he’s always been a strong man. In January he developed a drop foot and they thought the cancer came back. He has a CT and it was clear. I hope he will have remission again. It’s an awful disease and I hope for a cure for everyone.

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        My husband was diagnosed in 2014 March. He in now back in the hospital with a new brain tumor. He’s very weak and confused. Me was a strong man. He also suffers from depression from the disease. He just had his first chemo. He’s following the D’Angelis protocol again without radiation. I’m scared and don’t know if anyone survives this disease the second time around. Any support will be appreciated. I want to know w...

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