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    I have been searching for a product that will keep my husband's opening around his peg from Being irritated! Waiting for his meds, I saw this tube called Calmoseptine. Read the uses low and behold it stated FEEDING TUBE SITE LEAKAGE! I had tried everything. Showed it to the pharmacy staff like it was the Holy Grail! It was to me. Took it home and in 2 days it was healed! Use it on a regular basics because he coughs...

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    My husband had esophageal cancer 6 years ago he was diagnosed 4 months after he had quadruple bi-pass surgery. I found my way to feed him better through trial and era. In and out of the hospital has been our journey.. From pneumonia too many times to tell until his pulmonary dr ordered a hospital bed..that stopped the pneumonia from occuring every 2 to 3 weeks but we still had a multitude of other problems which I worked out through the years. He has had 4 tubes inserted at different times for different reasons. Never went back in same hole which caused other problems. It came out twice and after therapy for his 2 years into tube feeding his nurse gave the red flag to have the Barium test and if he swallowed without any liquids traveling to his lungs he could have tube removed. He passed and for almost a year he was able, with some struggle to eat soft foods. Had his esphigious stretched 3 times. The third time was a different dr and he had complications. They wanted to put a trek in and I said no. Another hospital stay and they inserted a tube in again. I'm just a dedicated loving wife that took on his care taking job to make it easier for him and me! He has had a fluctuating blood pressure from this so I had to adjust for that...he was on all kinds of medication that was all wrong for him. I studied each one and now he is on just his thyroid and two aspirin. He had a stroke in 2001 so they put him on a typical stroke meds but he never had high bloodpressure because of heart. It was his lifestyle 0f drinking and smoking. All of the medication made him tired and bloodpressure was always so low from them. Much more . If I can help anyone , I'm here.

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