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RE: Testicular cancer

by Oddball - July 13 at 8:12 AM

On Jun 22, 2017 8:30 AM alanwilkins wrote:

On Nov 26, 2012 1:16 PM sarab wrote:

Hi . I had testicular cancer 6 month ago i did surgery and i recieved 3 cycle of chemotherapy but stil i have small paraortic lymph node now i have back ache iam afraid of recurrence help me what can ido

Hello Sarab,

This is a old post and wondering whether you will reply.

I too got diagnosed with TC in 2017 and underwent 4 cycle of chemo and always afraid of recurrence. Please share how you are doing now and want your advice on how to proceed with life.

I was diagnosed with TC two years ago and im still a bit down about it, but I'm feeling better now than when I was when they said I was in remission. My hair came back a lot thinner and my energy levels aren't what they used to be. On a happy note I just fathered my third child so she is definitely helping me through my tough time. What is on your mind? Hopefully I can help

On Jun 06, 2015 6:10 AM KThomas wrote:

I feel so betrayed by the man I love and have spent the last 20 yrs with. I had notice that he had became very different over the last 2 years but I thought it was the turning 50 thing and it would get better, WRONG!!! It has only cotton worst in the way he has tried to push me out of his life by being so VERY hateful, mean, yelling at me, telling me how sorry I was, but I LOVED him so much I've just took all his bad behavior and tried to explain it away to OUR family and friends the best I could, he was even being a bad dad, brother, son-in-law, son. He has cause some family to have NOTHING to do with him anymore. But yesterday we got into a bad fight and out of know were he yells out he has testicle cancer, I stopped dead in my tracks as he tells me he found out almost 2 yrs ago and has NEVER been back to the doctor. He told me it was his problem and not mine and for me to stay out of his business he didn't have long to live, I don't think he understands how much this does effect me because I LOVE HIM, and we are a married couple and he has responsible with me that we need to handle, but most of all he needs to see his doctor because he doesn't know if or what stage his in ( unless his lying to me about that) If any of u men can help me to fine away to talk to my husband about all this I would love to get any adivise to help him, But I can't just not talk about cause we have ALOT of personal belongs we need to handle before things get worse. THANKS SCARED WIFE.

I'm sorry to hear this and it saddens me to read this. Testicular cancer is the most curable of all cancers. I found a lump in my scrotum in 2014 and it disappeared after I had scheduled an ultrasound so I did nothing. A year later I couldn't eat because I felt "full" all the time and had ridiculous back pain. I was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer shortly after. It spread from my testicle to my abdomen and into my lungs. This happened after about a year and a half. So if it's been two years for your husband he might have stage 4 which means it's in the brain. I don't understand anyone who would want to go through this alone.
I was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in 2015 and was curious as to how others have noticed changes after treatment. It's been 2 years and I feel like my hair is noticeable thinner. I developed eczema on my scalp, inner ears, eye brows and upper lip. I felt like it was just my skin reacting against my hair growing back or dandruff. I feel like I have short term memory loss as well. At first it was kind of funny, but I have trouble sometimes remembering where I parked my car or someone's name after meeting them or simple instructions. Also my stamina is all over the place. Some days I'm fine playing a few full court games of basketball and others I can barely finish one. I'm re reading this and I sound pretty crazy. I'm just curious if there is anyone else out there that is experiencing any of this or something completely different. Thank you for your time.
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