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    What tests are your doctors ordering post removal and/or post treatment? My tumor was successfully removed a few years ago. I see my onc once a year where he gives me a thorough exam and draws a quart of blood. But how does he know I don't have another PEComa growing somewhere? In the beginning I had PET scans and then CT scans - but now we're a few years out. Thanks for sharing your experiences - I hope you all...

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      hi rmtheram -  after reading about all the reoccurences, i called my oncologist. i haven't been there since 2012. so...have an appt on the 30th. pretty sure he'll be sending me for a scan. i'll keep you posted.  stay well... ollie

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        Thanks for writing back. I was assuming it was so rare that I didn't need to continue to have scans. Think I'll be calling my dr and making an appointment. If it's supposedly so rare, there sure isn't a shortage of people who have had them. ??? Am I correct in understanding that they are considered neither benign or malignant until they become malignant? Left on their own, they will always become malignant? Th...

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          Hi - I was diagnosed with a PEComa 5 years ago. I found a lump in my groin - I thought it was a lymph node - so did my dr. Surgeon said there was a hernia as well. Turned out that the tumor caused the hernia. Lucky - because otherwise it wouldn't have been found. When the surgeon came out to speak with my husband, he said he had no idea what it was that he removed. Was referred to a wonderful oncologist at S...

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