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    I am so sorry to learn about your delicate health issues. I too have had a Colon Resection and an Ileostomy Takedown. Truly uncomfortable, embarrassing and understandable. Have you tried taking Imodium (Loperamide)? I am down to one Imodium every other week for smooth bowel movements. Sometimes I go through loose stools. I still use bed pads in case of accidents. Every time I go out with the family, my worries are if...

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      In May 2015, a Colonoscopy revealed I had an apple core size adenocarcinoma tumor in my ascending colon. Prior to that, my daily bowel movements were quite numerous ranging from 4-7 times. Underwent laparoscopic surgery on June 24th where not only had a resection of my ascending colon, but also a portion of my small intestine and transverse colon resulting in the removal of 22 lymphatic nodes. Spent about a week in t...

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