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    Roscoe Douglas, In March 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer at age 67. The treatment offered was Chemo only.  In addition to the colon cancer, I had liver and Aorta Mets.  According to the doctors at Emory in Atlanta, The Liver mets were supposed to kill me in 6 months without chemo. I refused Chemo and started on the Budwig diet. When I first learned about proton therapy in Nov 201...

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      Thank you for the reply. I believe the Budwig Protecol will work, I have been on it almost two weeks, and actually like it. I am just not ready for the Surgery and Chemo.

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        I am 67 and was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Stage 4 Colon Adinocarcinoma Cancer metastisized to the Liver and Lymph nodes.  I have decided to use the Budwig diet instead of surgery and chemo. Does anyone have any experience with the Budwig Diet. 

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