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    Thanks to all of you that replied, it was so helpful (and still is) to hear about other people in the same boat. :) I’m now 6 months in and it has become kind of routine, still on the same regimen + herceptin and still working! I had a good response with shrinkage of primary and no longer able to see liver spots, last scan stable. My oncologist was excited about recent info she received at the last ASCO meeting about...

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      I'm a 36yo mother of a young toddler, just diagnosed with stage IV (mets to liver) EC last month. I'd had horrible reflux throughout pregnancy that of course got written off as pregnancy-related. It continued to a lesser degree afterwards and I thought it was just from the weight I'd kept on, until I went to doctor with chest pain last month. I've just started IV oxaliplatin and oral xeloda a few days ago and am feel...

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