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    I'm having alot of cramping in my back too

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      How did it go with your appointment ? I had my leep done today. I'm 38. I had an endometrial ablasion done in 2010 also known as the Nova sure procedure. So I do not have periods anymore.  I'm not bleeding at all at this point just yellowish discharge. I'm hoping I don't bleed it will really freak me out

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        Very thankful I was able to be put under general anesthesia. My LEEP went well. I'm experiencing quite a bit of pain.. cramping and yellow discharge stuff. .At least my vagina is the feeling like it's on fire at the moment. My Dr did prescribe me 10 norcos so that will get  me thru the next couple days of bad cramps. I was wondering if anyone has experienced changes in there sex life like with there sex drive or...

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          January 16, 2019
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          I'm Sarah. 38. Mother of 4 daughters ages 21-15. 2 step children ages 19 & 17.Married to the love of my life for 4 months. Together for over 2 years.

          I was recently diagnosed with CIN III abnormal cervical dysplasia. It was pretty severe.

          My sister passed away 5 years ago to stage 4 breast cancer. I'm always reading and researching.

          Just looking to maybe make some friends

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