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Gynecologic Cancer
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Me hmm... on a lighter note, I like to travel when time, finances and health permit.. if I can't travel, I like getting to know people and know their stories (it's like travelling through their stories).

Fate permit, I dream of moving to another country (guess no hope for that now given the big C lol, but heck, dreaming is free so yeah I dream on).

I do not like silence so I always have my earphones plugged to my ears (even at work haha). Most music are nice, except those that scream too much, those that are too loud or those with none sense lyrics.

As for the dark side... well GCT slave here.. sometimes feeling tired and not wanting to fight anymore.. othertimes just wanna kick it in the ass (not sure it has one though), stomp on it and flush it down the toilet bowl lol...

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