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    Hello, I would like to know if someone has experienced with pseudoprogression / early recurrent tumor? My husbands last MRI 3 months after finishing radio/chemotherapy showed a new contrast enhancing spot (nearly 1cm large). The report from the radiologist said it is cleary a recurrent tumor, no pseudoprogression due to the hyperperfusion and r-cbv values. Our oncologist said my husband should make a pet-scan. An...

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      Hello Kirsty, Thank you for answer. I will search for these drugs an we are going to talk about this with our docter. Not sure if doctors here in Luxembourg are willibg to go on this way and try a „cocktail approach“ but we‘ll see that. I pray for your son and hope that the tumor will continue shrink.

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        Hello, I‘m new here an hope to find some encouraging survivor stories that I can tell my husband. In July 2017, my husband (53 at diagnosis) was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3 after having a grand mal seizure. He only had biopsy, the tumor is inoperable due to its location in the corpus callosum / splenium. We were told that morphologically the tumor is grade 3 but the molecular features, in con...

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