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    I hear alot of stories about people lying about having cancer. Most times for monetary donations or just attention. Recently I heard someone I know personally is saying they have cancer on social media but the person seems to tell different people different stories about it& nothing adds up when you compare these things said. How do you actually know if the person is lying or what's the easiest way to try& fi...

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    Hi,I have/had family/friends either pass due to cancer & ones who battle such a serious illness everyday.I do alot of research just to be more aware about cancer & hopefully be able to share any information I can with anyone fighting such a terrible illness & especially ones that feel they have no support, therefore they feel alone with nobody to talk to. I would never want to feel that way & hate to know there are people out there that face that feeling everyday on top of dealing with an illness & would love to listen & hopefully learn more about different patients, family members,caregivers etc & their stories about their illness.People having just an ear to listen to them means alot to most people & I would love to be one of many others that people can talk to. Breast,colon,ovarian,lung,pancreatic cancer are just a few that I've known people personally battle/battling with.

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