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    Hello, I was stationed at Udorn in 1973. Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in ‘05. Had surgery for that and had been cancer free until Esophagael Cancer diag. In June ‘18. Filed a claim in ‘11 or ‘12 when I found out US admitted AO use at all Thailand bases. Took 2 years but was approved for comp. Don’t think EC is on the approved list for AO exposure but I could be wrong. I believe the most important thing you ca...

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      Hi. New to this forum. Diag. EC June ‘18 Stage 2. Had 6 weeks chemo/radiation, not full dose. Tolerated pretty well. PET/CT scans showed no spread. Laparoscopic surgery done October ‘18. Had a respiratory issue shortly after surgery. Needed CPR. Doctors think excess blood clots in neck entry point for lapro. instrument pressed on trachea. Anyway, that cleared up nicely, but leaking was found where stomac...

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