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    Hello Ness7432,    It is very hard to watch a close family member deal with all the suffering in dealing with serious cancer treatment. No one has any control over much of anything. You feel helpless. I am glad you were able to vent. . .  that helps you a bit. My wife died seven years ago from Multilpe Myeloma only 21 months after diagnosos. She was a chemo nurse and only 57 years old. I tell myself th...

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      My 35 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Melanoma on the tail of her pancreas. She hasn't even had surgery yet to remove it. I know this is pretty rare so we don't have a clue what to plan for. Seven years ago, her mother died from Multiple Myeloma, 21 months after diagnosis. My wife had the P53 deletion mutation which made things worse. My daughter has had a benign tumor removed from her para-thyroid, a large...

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