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    So, the chest x-ray I got at a prompt care walk-in facility came back from the radiologist and the thickening at the top of my chest that he thought he saw came back from radiology as being "mild spinal deterioration" from "age or trauma" and supposedly not problematic. I don't buy it. My problems have been primarily on the right side...and though I've felt the issues on both sides, currently what looks like my tonsi...

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      So, my journey with all of this started almost seven weeks ago. I had symptoms that looked like a UTI (foamy urine, uncomfortable and urgent urination), but it wasn't. We even tested for every STD known to man, though that was highly improbable for me. I gave blood, too, for other tests...and they told me my thyroid, kidney, liver, etc. all looked fine. They told me I didn't have to worry about cancer, too,...

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        So, I went to my doctor about six weeks ago presenting with uncomfortable, urgent, foamy urination. It came urgently, sure, but also in small amounts or normal amounts or not at all...but it was always foamy. Over time, the urgency left me, but it has stayed foamy and cloudy ever since. Then, when I was out with my wife one night, I had a really awful pain in my right eye and then both eyes seemed to itch and felt so...

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          I'm a father of a beautiful two-year-old little girl that is the center of my world. I have a wonderful wife that I've been with since 2007. My father died of small b-cell lymphoma in 2007, too. It was a bittersweet year. I was there with him at the end, actually. I'm here because I'm pretty sure I'm facing cancer now...and, well, it's scary and I don't really know what to do or who to talk to about it. I want to have a chance to fight this...whatever it is. I want to be there to see my little girl grow up.

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