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    Hi Pete, Sorry it took me such a long time to pluck up the courage to talk about this issue. My mom passed away last month on the 22nd. My heart breaks into millions pieces and the pain of losing her is so intense that I have to take medications to feels better. At first I thought that I will feel relieve for her if it ends quickly so she don't have to suffer anymore but I was so wrong. I am not ready to l...

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      It has been about 4 months caring for my mom with lung cancer. My emotion is like a roller coster... my siblings are slowly backing off and leaving me mostly to soulder the burden. Tell me, am I wrong to feel this way... I feel like crying everyday.

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        February 24, 2017
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          December 20, 2016
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            Ten years.. we were so sure you are cancer free..you are 93 years old this year...we are ready to let you go..but not this painful way. I always envision that you will go peacefully in your sleep. The day when I got the call from the doctor. I broke down the second time after 10 years. Cancer has eaten into you so fast....just slightly over a month...you are so weak and frail. I am very bitter and angry with mys...

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