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    Hi Jen, Sorry about your husbands diagnosis as well. Where is your husbands Tumor located that they were able to do a biopsy? Fortunately, all the side effects from radiation dissapeared a few months later.  My first MRI post radiation showed no changes but they did wait a certain amount of time to do it because they wanted to wait until the brain was not swollen anymore. I have not been on avastin.  I d...

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      Hi Gala and everyone, I'm 38 years old and was diagnosed with DIPG May 2016. Because of the location it was inoperable. I was treated with a combination of radiation and chemo and I continue with chemotherapy (Temodar) for a total of 18 cycles. The tumor reduced a tiny bit and has since remained stable. Since adult DIPG is so rare I was really glad to find these messages.  I'm very interested in hearing how th...

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        I was diagnosed with Adult DIPG in May 2016. I was treated with a radiation and Chemo combo and Continue on chemo for a total of 18 cycles after radiation. Tumor has remained stable with a very small reduction but I believe in my complete healing.

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