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      This is my situation right now EXACTLY! I was just diagnosed with a uterine sarcoma that my doctor waited for months to operate on him because he thought it was a fibroid and I was thin sent to a gyno oncologist who I just met with yesterday and she feels like it's very important to proceed with the hysterectomy as soon as possible, because I'm still in stage one. And I'm trying to look all over the Internet to see i...

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        December 04 at 1:38 PM
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        Hello my fellow survivors!?? I was just diagnosed with a uterine sarcoma a couple weeks ago after my doctor had made me wait almost four months to remove what he thought was a fibroid. Now I just met with my gyno-oncologist yesterday and she wants to do a total hysterectomy next week, including my ovaries, which is really freaking me out. It's bad enough to know all of a sudden that you're definitely never having your own family, but the idea of dealing with all of the emotional rollercoaster that comes along with menopause makes me afraid of my life post cancer.

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