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    Hello, I'm not very technically inclined so I don't know how to start a blog or a website, but this website has provided me with a lot of helpful information, but not really what I'm looking for, so I thought I would document on here what I'm seeing in hopes that it will help someone else down the road. Perhaps this would help other caretakers fearing the end or taking care of someone who has an inoperable tumor a...

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      Hello, Sorry for the long back-story - I'm hoping to try to gain some insight here. My father in law (just turned 68) was diagnosed with a brain tumor in early April 2017 with a tumor they thought was just a meningioma. They wanted him to come back in a month for another MRI and a CT scan to check the growth. I contacted them at the end of April because he was having difficulty coming up with words (his tumor is in...

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