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RE: Oligodendrogliomas

by bryastroligo - January 13, 2018

We live in Brazil it's illigal here unfortunaly! 

I'm deff going to try your other tips tho! Thank you so much! 

RE: Oligodendrogliomas

by bryastroligo - January 12, 2018

Hi Mack, 

Thank you so much for sharing with me your experience. 

My dad's tumor com located in the frontal lobo it was about 7cm big with some swelling moving toward his corpus callosum, they resected about 80% of the tumor and left about 20% do to the placement, we were told by his neurosurgeon that if they went in the 20% it would have done damage his motors abilities and we where told that they are able to control well the tumor for about 5 to 7 years after that it is most likely that it will come back and they wont be able to operate again because they wouldn't want to make him go through all this again, and it's the part that scares me the most because I want to be able to provide him with the best treatment we can give him.

My dad is 57 years old, we took him to the proctologist, because it was one of my concern, but the doc said everything looked good and no abnormalities. We opted for the diaper because most of the times he doesn't seem to be able to tell that he needs to go to the bathroom and sometimes when he says he needs to go he has already gone. We asked the doc he it's something just temporary but she told us that all the lost that he had are permanent, I don't believe it  because I also work in the health area as as physical therapist and we see every day how amazing the brain is. and yea we keep it very clean for his own health.  

I try to ask all the questions we have when he goes to the consultations but sometimes we have so many questions that we forget all the things we want to ask, I need to start writting it done.

And it breaks my heart seeing my dad have to go through all this and sometime I'm not able to help about I don't know how. 

Thank you so much again for sharing with me your experience, hope and praying for the best for you and your family! 


by bryastroligo - January 10, 2018

Hi guys, 

My dad just recently had surgery to remove a tennis ball size tumor and with biopsy we found out it was a oligodendroglioma stage III. His surgery went really well and he had no major post op complications, it has now been 2 months since surgery and he is currently doing radiotherapy and will start chemotherapy. But our biggest concern is that during the day he is very very sleepy barely talks and is wide awake during the night, and he is also having urinary incontinence, he literally just gets up and suddenly has to pee and pees anywhere and in bed ( we are using geriatric diaper but it's not helping) we feel like he has lost of sense, and he is unable to differentiate dream from reality, it has been very hard on my mom and I really don't know what to do to help, now the doctor gave him sleeping pills which he started yesterday but it hasn't seem to help much, and he's incontinence just keeps getting worst. 

Please help us with any suggestion or personal experiences we are desperate!!!

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