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    Hi Punky, Thank you for your quick responce.. I was able to bring up what he would like to happen if he died, and I had to do it in such a way that was like; "If the time comes what would you like us to do? Burial, Cremation? Funeral party?" and he did nt like that I asked so I had to say "Im not saying you are dying, Im saying life is short, so lets talk about what each of us would like to happen, you tell me you...

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      Hi, Im new here.. I have a 27 year old Husband that is in the end stages of his cancer.. He has leukemia and he is in denial that he is dying.. but he is showing all the signs.. I've looked and looked and I was in denial for the longest time but the similarities... He has ALL the signs... He sleeps 18+ hours a day, hardly eats if he does its just ice cream or juice... His speach is getting fuzzy and he cant get out ...

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        My husband was diagnosed with AML Leukemia back in Sept of 2014. He has gone through 5 rounds of chemo and I believe he has relapsed again. He sleeps 20 hours a day and complains of a massive headache and lock jaw when he wakes up.. His speach is getting lost and its hard to make sense of his sentences. He went to a hospital the other day in NM just to walk out because he said he didnt feel as bad as the previous tim...

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