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    I have advanced prostate cancer with mets. I have been on Eligard (shot every 6 weeks) and Zytiga for 15 months.  PSA dropped quickly to undetectable while my testosterone was almost 0.  Now I'm experiencing irregular heartbeats and slightly faster heartbeat. I have read this can be a side-effect of Zytiga.  I'm not sure because I use blood pressure med and other meds that may cause irregular heartbeat...

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      I don't know if this applies to you but the other posting on this message board may apply to you if you had robotic prostatectomy and surgeon used "clips" to stop bleeding. See Robotic Prostatectomy Patients - Beware there's more!! by DEB57 on Mon Nov 11, 2013 05:42 AM

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        I've had similar sugery and radiation and have experienced similar pain at base of penis, urethra, and pelvic area (not a lot of swelling).  My doctor says it this is what he calls "hyperactive" nerves caused by surgery and radiation.  My pain continued intermittent for a long time but I ignored for the most part.  After about 3-years from surgery it reached a pinnacle and it was very uncomfortable.&nb...

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          Sorry to hear.  When I was diagnosed I was also worried and confused. The treatments are sometimes harsh and many doctors don't have up to date knowledge. I would suggest getting a second opinion about the primary treatment. The old rectal needle biopsies can be very inaccurate. There are special MRI's called a Multi Parametric MRI that is essential to determining the exact location of the cancer.  It is ne...

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