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    I just wrote a book about cooking for chemotherapy patients. (Cooking for Chemo ...and After!) I was my mom's caregiver when she went through treatments and this was one of her favorites. I update my website (cookingforchemo.org) regularly with recipes. I will also try to post them in here frequently as well. Hope you enjoy this one like my mom did. -Chef Ryan Callahan  :) Super Simple Chicken and Dumplings Che...

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      My name is Ryan. I am a chef. I was my mother's caregiver when she went through chemotherapy treatments. She experienced strong metallic tastes, mouth sores, and loss of appetite. As a chef, I focused on learning how to adjust the flavor of her favorite foods and I was able to get my mom to eat and enjoy her food again! I wanted to share my knowledge so I wrote a book about how to do just that. It's called "Cooking ...

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        About chefryan

        Chef Ryan Callahan is a dynamic and charismatic figure. He loves to teach people all about food and share his genuine passion for the culinary arts everywhere he goes. Chef Ryan has what is often called an infectious laugh. When he laughs, it comes from the deepest part of his soul filling a room with laughter as he laughs at his own bad jokes. Chef Ryan is a classically trained chef as well as a self-instructed chef. He spent the entirety of his early career seeking out various chefs and culinary masters he could learn from to truly build a great understanding of gastronomy.

        Chef Ryan Callahan has written a brand-new cookbook called “Cooking for Chemo …and After!” It is a how-to-cook cookbook that teaches you how to adjust your cooking for chemotherapy patients. Chef Ryan found the inspiration for this book while acting as primary caregiver for his mother, who herself went through chemotherapy treatment in 2013. In his book, Chef Ryan teaches you how to adjust for the flavor and taste changes that occur during chemotherapy by implementing procedures like palate cleansing, roundness of flavor, and specific seasoning methods to help over come these changes. These techniques can be applied to any diet regimen or dietary restriction. But, it is the new way that Chef Ryan teaches you to perceive food and flavor that will truly transform you into a power-house, chemo-fighting, cooking machine!

        You can learn more about Chef Ryan by visiting his website: www.cookingforchemo.org

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