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Frustrated Scared, and Confused

by cmann777 - March 18 at 1:59 AM

Hello everyone.

I am wishing I was NOT having to join this group; however, I have begun to feel like a broken record to my husband and brother. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 MM. We learned of his hypercalcemia in November,  when the doctor told my dad it was multiple myeloma, he neglected to inform dad it was cancer (I had to tell him that) we finally saw an oncologist in February, and received all of the test results March 2. We were told he had sustained Chronic pressure fracture of inferior endplate of T12. Mild chronic fracture T11. No destructive lesions seen in the lumbar spine. We were also told he also had lesions on C 1-4. And a 6mm lesion within his humerus in his left arm. We had an appointment to have radiation on the 9th; however, severe abdominal pain caused us to take him to the  emergency room, where they found gallstones, which were not infected, so they sent him home. We were back in ER the next night with same issue. We have surgery scheduled for Monday morning to remove the gallbladder; however, I just received his hospital patient portal access. He also has, according to the doctor's documents, hiatal hernia, nodules in adrenal glands, kidney cysts, lesions found  in pelvic bone, calcified granulomas within spleen, hila and right lower lobe of lung. The doctor stated we were not going to use chemotherapy, however, would use RVD therapy. (isnt Velcade chemo?)

Husband says he is sorry, and then changes the subject, he says he doesn't understand how I feel and it causes him to hurt as he knows one day, he will have to deal with the loss of one of his parents.

Daddy cannot walk any more (happened within the last two weeks) can't lay down to sleep (he sits up in a recliner to sleep)

I am just at a loss as to what to do, feel, or anything.

My questions to the group are:

1. Is this the end stage? (I am at a "I need honest blunt truth point)
2. My stepmother does not know the other areas, (kidneys, spleen, lung, and pelvic bone).
She lost it because he was in pain from the gallstones. Do I tell her? What do I say if I do?

I am so lost.
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