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    Hey guys! My father was diagnosed with GBM last Nov and I came across books like Surviving Terminal Cancer and Anticancer. Unfortunately, perhaps due to my lack of effort, intelligence, resources, etc., I have yet to start the cocktail method to my dad's GBM. I thought it would be a life savior since many have confirmed its effectiveness.  Currently, my father is doing okay.  He has a one-side impaired...

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      Hello apenrod, thank you for your reply. So is Mr. Ben publically available to speak with "pedestrians" like myself? If so, would you know the means to reach him? (possibly his email) It's great to hear that he is still leading a healthy life.

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        Has anyone tried? And would anyone know if Mr.Williams is still alive today? I researched for his SNS leads but could not find any. Thank you!

        February 28, 2018 view discussion
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