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    Could I ask if your wife is currently on this trial? And if so, how is she doing on it? I'm not familiar with it, but will definitely look into it. Not having the favorable prognostic markers makes clinical trial searching more difficult and feels like such a bigger mountain to climb. Thanks for the response. It's much appreciated.

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      Thanks for the response! We're considering that trial as a backup right now. Best wishes to you and and your loved one.

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        Anyone know anyone doing well under any clinical trials with a similar genomic profile? The options seem a lot more limited since chemoradiation does not seem to help much in this case. My sister was diagnosed with GBM in July 2017. We just found out there's recurrence last week. She was in the lapatinib clinical trial since she has EGFRvIII amplification. (chemoradiation + lapatinib) Any input or information would ...

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