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    Thanks everyone.

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      Hi everyone, I will be starting opdivo/nivolumab injection tomorrow for mRCC. Votrient kept my RCC in check for about 3 years but now seeing some new spots in the peritoneum. So, my oncologist is asking me to stop Votrient and start nivolumab. Just curious how long it takes for the side effects to start. Anyone here who took nivolumab injection? How did you handle the side effects? Thanks.

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        Hello everyone,My father is 64 years old. He got a partial nephrectomy done in Sep 2013 for mRCC. The RCC came back after about 2 years around Oct 2015. He started votrient 400mg for about 1 year 2 months. He could not tolerate votrient 800mg. He was getting high blood pressure and protein in urine (nephrotic syndrome).He responded well to Pazopanib/votrient(400 mg) and the number of spots reduced and their sizes kep...

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