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    Deeply sorry for your loss.  I was very moved by your posting.

    ruben son of 'drien (1927-2010 GBMIV)

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      Spot on with the music and movies point. My dad is still alive, but I cannot believe the number of movies that have to shut off because they hit too close to home, even in the most peripheral way.

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      Dad, 83, dx'd with Grade 4 Multicentric or Multifocal GBM on 2010/11/03 with prognosis of 8 to 12 weeks. Mom, 74, healthy and acting as primary caregiver. I'm 47 one of 2 sons, married to fantastic woman, now moved in with my folks since 12/10/2010. On leave from work to ride this roller-coaster. On 12/27/2010 Dad passed peacefully in Hospice, just 54 days after initial diagnosis.

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