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    Has anyone done the care oncology protocol of the 4-drug cocktail: metformin + statin + antibiotic + pinworm pill?  Success?  

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      Hi, my dad has been given a "diagnosis" of Grade 4 glio, but has a pathology negative for cancer.  Resection was not possible, but renowned surgeon got 7-8 good samples of tumor.  Pathologists could find no cancer.  Docs are convinced that appearance proves it's GBM, so are treating it as such.  Has anyone else ever experienced this?  Confused. Thanks!

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        Thank you!! 

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          My dad, while still awaiting biopsy results, is presumably dealing with GBM and I know that nutrition is extremely important.  Hoping to hear from survivors who have followed a particular diet, which diet is most preferred for this condition?  Thank you! 

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