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    Hi Tony:  I have breast cancer and also shingles on my breast and below on my area just below.  I have an odd smell can't put my finger on how it smells.  My animals have became more close to me ever since, set on my lap a lot.  I have had the cancer for about 4 months and started noticing the smell back about 2 months ago.  At first I thought it was the shingles b ut think it is from the can...

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      Hi:  On my breast cancer I never received any papers telling me just exactly all I should know about it only what the doctors have told me while setting in their office.  I don't want surgery or chemo nor the pill or the cancer killing cell drugs. Is there anyone out there that took things like vitamins, or used spices to deal with their cancer.  If so, what did they use and what has been the effects ...

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        Hi:  I have breast cancer.  They want to take the lump out with some extra tissue, needs radiation or so they say.  I am not willing to do any surgery, nor chemo nor radiation.  Oncologist says he will put me on Tamofloen (probably wrong spelling) a cancer pill.  Has anyone not done any treatment at all and if so, what has been the outcome?  The pill can give me bone pain for a month or ...

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          Hi:  I now have breast cancer since late August, 2017.  Prior to my breast cancer I did have Squamous Cell Type II skin cancer on both my left inner leg and on my forehead.  Before I had the skin cancer removed I was diagnosed with right side Breast Cancer.  I believe the Squamous cell cancer gave me the breast cancer.  I feel I have now Inflamatory breast cancer.  Which means it has spr...

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