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    can tou take theas things with aromasin and zometa

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          iv heard  baking soda and molasses is good to help shrink cancer my only worry is does it interact with my meds can it stop the abbsorbshion taking aromasin and ibandronic acid is eny one heard about this and could tell me more i have hormonal breast cancer that has spred to bones diagnosid 2008 sorry for terable spelling

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            hi my mum has bc stage 4  hade lumpectamy and mastectomy in sep 08 followed by chemo and radiotherapy started geting bone pain and pet /ct showed no cancer but bone scan showed bone involvment took famera for 17 monthes and then hade mri showed it hade grown started on tamox scan 3 months later showed it hade grown a little so changed meds to aromosin last mri in may 2011 showed meds are working due 3 scans late...

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