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    Born 1937, Colarectal cancer stage 2, 2007/2008. Kemo & radiation prior to surgical removal Jan 2008. Post treatment I have a terrible fatigue problem. I get exhausted very quickly when I try to do everyday tasks so I have to space myself carefully and don't even attempt to do things I had no problem w/ before. I live alone and try to eat properly. I try also to exercise, sit up's, walking, arm weights 25 lbs. I ...

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      Hello. I am an 80yo male. I was treated for colorectal cancer in 2007/2008.  Stage 2, 3.5 inches inside rectum. Given option of kemo & radiation w/ surgical removal post those treatments. The Dr who did the original Colonoscopy said he thought it could be removed via the rectum w/o going thru the stomach. I was pretty ignorant at the time and ended opting for Drs. choice(big mistake on my part) I had kemo &a...

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      Hello. I am a colorrectal cancer survivor. I had my 1st surgery almost 2 years ago(removal of section of lower colon about 3 inches in from rectum) I had stage 2 colon cancer and underwent pre-surgery kemo and radiation(fall of 2007)surgery in Jan 2008, temporary colostemy removed in Jun 2008.

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