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    I do not understand the reply ("sugar.cancer/eats/craves/raves sugar") to my posted question re what the concern or issue is about eating peanuts.  Can someone explain?  Thank you!

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      I woiuld like to know what the concern is about peanuts, or peanut butter. Dr. Budwig's protocol prohibited anything to do with peanuts, but I'd like to know what her reasons were.  I understand that peanut butter that is hydrognated is bad, but there are plenty of brands that are not processsed.  Can we not eat those?

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      i have had multiple myeloma for more than a year...but no real symptoms to complain of. I had been taking Revlimid for the past year, but currently I am not taking anything! (Waiting for financial assistance to kick in.)I have the option of taking iscador, a mistletoe derivative that has been crowdfunded for me,but my oncologist is opposed to my taking it while she is treating me with regular chemotherapy medications. I feel somewhat frustrated by her response.

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