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    Thank you all. My mom decided to try the chemo. She is very fatigued after her first round but handling it ok. Her main issues are worsening arthritic pain, exhaustive fatigue and a terrible taste in her mouth. She is resting most of the day but also trying to get up and do a little bit every day. Her carcinosarcoma was a stage 2 with no lymph node involvement and her pelvic/abdominal ultrasound was clean. So we are ...

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      My mom recently underwent a  total hysterectomy for uterine carcinosarcoma. Her abdominal/pelvic CT was clear as were all her lymph nodes. The tumor was a stage 2 in the lining of the uterus but also was "creeping" out into the cervix. They want to now do Chemo and radiation. My mom is 80 yrs old and I was just wondering if anyone here has any experience with chemo treatment in elderly women. She has severe ar...

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