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    april 2006-boy did i not hsve s clue about how much my life was going to cjsnge-esp thid week-i wrecked my csr-passed out -hit a stopsign/lite pole standard-luckly nothink was broken-bruised to beat the band-saw my oral surgeon yester-nothing broken except the originak broken jaw0BE CAREFUL-when that air-bag deploys the shit s-could hit the fst and here we go again-don't take anythinh even driving for ...

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      I have had a contact/message from a young lady in africa-no mention of her situationit just seems odd-she is registered on cancer compass-but with very few details-she only wants to correspond thru her other e-mail address-anybody else hear about this or has she been in contact with any of you--her e-mail address Message edited by CancerCompass staff. For personal protection,email address removed. Consider private r...

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        my oral cancer was caused by the human pppalomio virus #15-thanks to an ex-husband and the Viet Nam war-he's dead now brain cancer-the good ole 60's aren't looking so good. Have a very good friend who was exposed to Angent Orange and the VA seems to think there maybe a correlation oh great-what next

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        have had all of my teeth removed this summer-really not as painful as i had thought/feared and now that they are gone the mouth/jaw pain is just about gone too-i'm just so glad it's over with!!!!!!!!

        jaw and very bad teeth just on one side-painful-can't chew any food-mush mostly but am trying to live a normal life

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