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    I to have Stage 1V Lung Cancer, with No treatment. I would not have a Biopsy so lost the Oncologist at that time this was Sepember 25, 1918. She had my family thinking I would not see 2019. I made it 1 year so far but feel symtoms starting. My Family Doctor said they knew since February 2018. Oh Yes then why did I not have treatment then without a Biopsy. I to am a Very Logical person and have done well so far. I wis...

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      Annie I am so sorry for you, with your husbands diagnos. I have Stage 1V, with no treatment, and no oncologist. I wish I could tell you what symtoms next but I don't know myself and would like to be in touch He seems to be a very strong  person and is doing quite well considering. Be strong Annie for yourself your husband and family

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        Stage 4 no treatment. what to expect. Deep cough for 3mths then it stopped Very badly confussed one day after that medium confustion. Slight headaches. nodules on right leg. chest and back about 3/4 on pain scale. Very logical and I'm actually doing well but I need to know what system comes next. I'd like to be in touch with someone in my situation

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