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    I am only doing natural treatments (i.e. Vitamin C and mistletoe infusions, marijuana tinctures).  Done with toxic drugs of chemo and radiation.  I did have gas really bad.  I'm on the keotgenic diet and all of that is gone!!  It took me a couple of weeks to embrace the diet (giving up fruit, except berries was hard) but all those symptoms are gone.  You might want to look into that.

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      I have done a lot of research of alternative treatments as I've decided NOT to put any more chemo or radiation in my body.  In so many articles and alternative therapy books they mention the hyperthermic dome.  It's used in many other countries as a treatment...except the U.S.  BUT it is available for private purchase.  I bought it a month ago and wanted to find out if there is anyone out there wh...

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        I have been on creon for almost 2 years (post whipple surgery).  I have 1/2 my pancreas and my gall bladder was removed so we need to take it to help with digestion...not just of fats.  I'm working with a naturopathic who was very supportive of taking it.  I don't have nausea but was dealing with a lot of gas and diarrhea.  Look into Ketogenic diet too...to eliminate sugar and toxins.

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          I am doing Vit. C infusions AND mistletoe (google this plant...been used in German cancer clinics for many years).  I'm in Boulder, CO and working with a naturpathic doctor here.  I haven't had scans or blood work yet to see if it's working.  

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