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    correction:  Liposomal Vit C (4 grams in 12 hrs)  Boswellia Serrata (333 mg - 3x a day)  Curcumin - Free form (400 mg - 6x a day)  and I add coconut oil in her meals and I apply Frankincense essential oil (to her head, spine, lymph areas, chest, abdomen, and her feet).  

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      Hi everyone! I would like to hear encouraging testimonies regarding alternative methods for individuals with Stage 4 C. with Brain Mets ? My mom who is 54 is currently fighting this battle - secondary to her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. Since her brain mets diagnosis (Jan 2016) we switched her diet to strictly vegetables and fruits. She had craniotomy, and 2 sessions of WBRT. We were juicing carrots for her and ...

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        My mom had whole brain radiation last February for Breast Cancer - Brain Mets. Most of the information I read online are pretty grim and I'd like to hear successful stories. My mom is a fighter and a very positive person. I would like to believe that we will beat statistics by helping her body heal through good nutrition. Any stories? I would love to hear them! 

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          My mom had just finished her Dexamethasone 7-weeks course last week. She is currently experiencing muscle weakness on both legs right now and her balance is a little bit unsteady. She thinks its because of the muscle pain on her legs. However, she also has bladder control issues - she feels the urge to pee but she sometimes doesnt make it to the toilet. Could this also be a potential symptom of steroid withdrawal? Co...

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          I am a daughter of a beautiful woman who has Stage 4 Breast Cancer with Brain Mets. I am on here seeking information, mainly on alternative and nutritional methods that can help my mother recover. I believe that people can conquer the hardest physical battles even cancer through Faith, and natural methods. At that time when she was diagnosed with brain mets, it seemed that we were only presented with conventional options. And so, my mom underwent craniotomy and whole brain radiation. If you have some information, please message me and I would like to learn from your experiences and any advise would be great! :) God bless!

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