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    Kim and Elaine.   I don't know if you are still on this site or still having these problems but if you are, or anyone reads this has bloating or diarrhea maybe the following will help.  The wife had an ileostomy reversal.  The diet she was sent home with from the hospital was absolutely killing her.  Every time she ate there was BLOATING AND diarrhea.  This was a constant for about 2 months. ...

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      If you are having BLOATING and DIARRHEA problems after reversal try the Stanford low FODMAP diet.   It's on line.  The diet the hospital sent the wife home with almost killed her.  She had  stopped eating for 3 days when I found this diet.  The VERY FIRST DAY after starting the diet there was NO BLOATING and the diarrhea was managable.   It's been about two ...

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