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Brain Cancer

Hi. Trying with everything I am to help my 67 year old dad in his battle against GBM. Dad, an amazing, triathlete, collapsed while running 10/23/10. Left-sided weakness, confusion, 2 grand mal seizures same night. Then MRI and CT scan showed large mass on right side of brain. Surgery 10/27/10 removed 80% of tumor but 3 other lesions were apparent. GBM diagnosed. Still in rehab hospital receiving OT, PT, and speech/cognitive therapy. Requires constant supervision since he forgets his physical limitations, and if he tries to walk/get out of bed alone, he falls. About to start radiation and Temodar. Trying to get into Duke clinical trial which provides Avastin. Immeasurably difficult for my mom to immediately go from independent working wife of a strong, always on the go man -- to a nurse and caretaker who cannot leave her husband's side even to shower. My sisters, brother, and I all live in different cities, but doing our best to divide responsibilities and enjoy time with Dad as best we can.

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