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    I am a 58 yr old male dxed 22 months ago with aaaaaaagbm rt temoral.  Have gone through 100% resection, radiation, Temodar, Clinical Trial XL184  and Avastin/CCNR.  Last week's MRI showed another recurrance and bt Dr. wants me to start on Carboplatin chemo.  Side affects look prettly intense.  Any advice from this group?  Thanks 

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    57 year old active male. First seizure Aug 2009 Tumor removed Sep 22, 09, 46 days of radiation, conj chemo (Temodar followed by 5/23 chemo regimin for 7 months cancer recurred - started XL184 mid August 2010. Still here. Pulled off study Dec 2010 due to side effects - Now on Avastin. - Generally feeling stong but fatigued

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