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    Is it possible to develop a pancreatic mass that is 6cm by 4cm in the body of the pancreas that has metastisized to the liver and peritoneal cavity in 7 months. Pet scan in 6/2018 no sign of any maligancy CT of chest 1/2019 abnormal pancrease recommended MRI of abdomen. MRI of abdomin 2/2019 stage 4 metastatic pancreatic cancer. Just doesnt make sense that it developed and spread that quickly. Also had CT of abdomen ...

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      jburkh168. Thank you for the imformation. I truly appreciate it. 

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        jburkh168. Yes my father gets 70% at this time I filed for an increase claiming pancreatic cancer secondary to diabetes. My parents are married 47 years and she is devastated. I am a nurse and I went on healthy vet and read the MRI report my dad's 69 birthday is tomorrow and he is not aware of this diagnosis. We are waiting till Tuesday to tell him we want him to enjoy his birthday. But with liver metz I'm sure he wi...

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          I am so sorry for your loss. We just found out that my father has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He was in Viet nam from 67-69. He was infantry Big Red 1 and was already getting 70% diabilty for diabetes, ischemic heart diease and peripheral neuropathy. Right now my dad only has fatigue and itching. A year ago he had back pain and weight loss of 45 pounds but since then he gained 10 pounds back and has maintained that fo...

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