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    Hi Knewman79,  I would absolutely go see either a general practicioner or a dermatologist, don't delay.  Hopefully it is something benign.  I just saw a podiatrist upon the recommendation of my GP today after having discolorations on my big toe for many months now.  I really wish I'd gone to the doctor in the summer when I first noticed something.  I thought it was from trauma or a fungus.&nb...

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      Hi everyone,  I just returned home from the podiatrist's office, where a piece of my toenail and underlying skin were removed for biopsy.  I have 3 irregular dark stripes on my large toenail, have had some kind of (but different) darkness on that toe since the summer.  Figured it was a bruise or maybe a fungus (again). The podiatrist mentioned the M word twice (malignant) and that coupled with my inter...

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