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        Thanks Jen, I appreciate you sharing that with me. Unfortunately, I'm learning that there are far too many of us. But I'm grateful to be able to find people to share this with that truly understand. I'll be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Kathy

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          Hi I never thought I'd be doing this...like the rest of you...it's damn scary. Diagnosed stage III, sentinel positive, 2nd surgery nodes were all negative (18). My oncologist suggests either Interferon -2 or a clinical trial -either Interferon or ipilimumab (Yervoy) which is now used for metatastic melanoma. Any input would be appreciated. Feeling very confused and alone right now. Thanks  Kathy...

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          Tell everyone a little bit about yourself I'm 64 yrs. old, single with 2 grown kids and three beautiful grandchildren. I'm a Chemistry Supervisor in a hospital in Upstate NY. Always been pretty healthy, arthritis is my biggest complaint, Never have been a sun worshipper...this has been quite a surprise. I'm used to taking care of other and not sure how to take care of me! Need to have input from others that truly understand, having gone thru it or the mutual support and caring of those who are now going thru this like me.

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