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    My Mother was diagnosied with Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Primary on May 6, 2015. They are treating her as if it started in the Lung, but the Pathology report stated it was likely to have started in the GI tract, but they have not shown us any tumors from the GI tract. Nearly all of her lymph nodes in the chest and abdimon have tumors and there are tumors in the lypmph nodes near her clavicle. There are "nodules" in he...

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      My Mother, 78 years old, was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of unknown primary just 6 weeks ago and she has had 2 chemo treatments. I am my Mother's youngest child and her primary care giver, I have lived with her for the past 10 years taking care of her (she has other health issues), and I understand her needs and her living style. My sister (she is 6.5 years older) decided, 6 weeks ago, to move into my house to help...

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      My Mother, 78 years young, was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of Unknown Primary (ACUP) origin on May 6, 2015. Because they don't know the primary source of the cancer, based on medical and environmental history, they are treating it as primary source of lung cancer. She had her first treatment on 5/19/15. I am her youngest of 4 children and her primary caregiver.

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