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    I have Laryngeal Cancer. I had 28 Radiation treatments starting  08/31/17 Ending 10/28/17. They say I no longer have cancer. It is now 01/20/2018 and I still  have a sore throat and a bad cough , and a Im still coughing up flem a whole lot. Also my tongue is coated a Yellow color. I hope somebody can help me cause the dr. sure isn't.  PS The dr says I should not drink anymore at all not evan lite ...

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       ----They----------- found A spot of cancer on My Larynx, they did 28 Radition Treatments. That was done  Oct 19th 2017. Two follow up treatments ending o1/19/2018 later they said I was cancer free. But I still have a lot flem coming up and a very sore throat. If anybody has any info on this Please let me Know. PS He  also don't want me to have any beer not evan Busch Lite. Do I Need to change Drs. HA ...

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